At Elephant PR, we’re proud to be known by the company we keep. Our clients build strong economies and communities, and we’re honored to support their work. Here is how some of our clients describe our partnership:


“Jennifer provided pro bono services to our company. She assisted us with a rebranding project, guided our fund development messaging, and provided practical insight and marketing expertise with all our programs. She is especially knowledgeable in applying business principles to nonprofit strategies. Jennifer is a joy to work with.”

Kristy Judd
Executive Director, Metro Volunteers


“During her tenure with the Arsenal, [Jennifer] established sustainable goals and communications programs that helped create a brand and identity for the agencies she represented. She can see issues from a global perspective, while also giving attention to the most minute detail. She has extensive and broad expertise in community relations and can handle multiple accounts, whether for nonprofit organizations, corporate or government agencies.”

Sherry James
Visitor Services Manager (ret.), Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


“As a nonprofit organization, Pura Vida depends largely on unrestricted donations to run day-to-day operations. It can be difficult, however, to generate interest in making these kinds of donations. In handling our marketing communications for the past few years, Jennifer has shown great talent for writing compelling letters to our donors that explain our needs in a way that generates results.  Her assistance has been critical in getting the organization to where it is today.”

Mark Ely
Executive Director, Pura Vida Ministries


“One of the things that I appreciated from Jennifer was her willingness to detail why she was recommending a certain course of action. If there were options, they were presented. She spent time learning what LRC did as a business. I was very pleased with the work Jennifer did for LRC … She is a true professional.”

Judge Richard M. Borchers
President (ret.), Legal Resolution Center


“Jennifer is the consummate professional. She invests deeply in understanding your business and your culture, has a great balance between strategy and getting results and works well with all levels in the organization. She has been a great partner for us to help drive out a local PR program. She is a pleasure to work with and always comes to the table with a thoughtful strategy, insights of how to do more all grounded in results that help our business.”

Laura Yurdin
Former Chief Marketing Officer, Point B (management consulting)